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Paramount is one of Atlanta’s leading providers of technology & IT talent solutions offering impeccable service, with a unique blend of creative and strategic planning to address the toughest challenges of businesses. Today's technology business solutions not only demand high productivity but also an unmatchable combination of quality and affordability. Paramount Software Solutions is geared to offer solutions in commercial and government sector, through its technical specialists in multiple areas like Consulting Services, Network Implementation & Support, Custom Software Development Data Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Drupal focused Content Management Systems and others that are critical for a solid IT support to run a business efficiently. 

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Why should you partner with us?

Value, Respect, and Partner...Your goals, timelines, budget, systems security, and service quality are of immense value to every single Paramount team member. As a leader in providing solutions that address your business needs, sustainability and continuous growth, we understand the commitment and focus it requires, and are thus able to implement the solutions to bring in remarkable business transformations. We offer solutions that not only provide enterprises with the support they need to focus on their core business but are we also develop solutions to meet the needs of government, SMBs, and large enterprises, to address their smallest of business critical challenges.

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How do we deliver value to you?

The strength and expertise of Paramount is its pool of 200 technology experts, and partners, who have a very deep understanding of the technical trends, and industry scenarios, and are able to match the right- fit solutions for your business needs. In order to deliver the highest quality of service to your business, Paramount has developed processes and methodologies, to match right- fit solutions and resources that provide stability and growth to your projects. Being an ISO 9001:2015 standards certified company, we implement our quality systems very seriously-  and offer the same level of quality in our services to our customers. 

Paramount 90TECHS Methodology - By this methodology, Paramount ensures 90% of its software engineers, programmers and developers are its own employees from a diverse field of technology. The rest 10% would be contracted on a need basis. 

Paramount CONTech Methodology - Paramount believes in delivering consultative approach in its technology offerings. Paramount will never offer a technology or technical talent to a customer that isn't a good fit - even if it means giving up a higher profit margin. Our team is trained to assess the technical and cultural environment, before offering the right resource - be it human or technology. 

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