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25 Years of Paramount – A Gala Celebration, the Paramount Way

On paper, Paramount Software Solutions completed its 25 years in business in 2023. There were congratulatory posts and mentions on social media, press releases, and the introduction of the ‘Power SMB’ drive. But deep down, we Paramountains always knew, we are yet to celebrate the Paramount way.

And that major milestone, plethora of award wins, and Farm To Plate’s V1.0 launch culminated into a gala event featuring celebrities, VIPs, and sustainability advocates.

Paramount’s 25-year-anniversary celebration saw people flying in from across the world, be it our employees or guests of honor. The gala event took place on the 15th of April at JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi.

There was award distribution, socializing, team building activities, food, drinks, and dance. The event panned out to be amazing!

The eve of the event was long and the preparation to get the venue ready extended well beyond midnight, a couple of hours shy of dawn. So, when everyone started coming in at the venue at 10 am, the stage setup and the ambience couldn’t have been more exciting.

The event started with a keynote speech by Pramod himself, always very enthusiastic, appreciative, and knowledgeable. That was followed by team presentations where members from every department came on stage to share their experiences and showcase their plan ahead.

This was followed by lunch break where the arrangements were mouth watering. The multi-course buffet included multiple cuisines in starters, mains, sides, and even desserts.

Post lunch came the biggest attraction of the day’s event, the Djembe activity. This exciting team building activity was hosted by Nitin Virat, a professional drummer and drum circle facilitator. That single event showed us how well we bond with each other, and how amazing it feels to have fun together, even if it means to indulge in some friendly leg-pulling.

The evening event was what everyone was waiting for. The entire floor lit up when Sonu Sood walked in – no one wanted to miss the photo op. Other VIPs included representatives from renowned NGOs – AccessLife America, Sewa, and Vibha, Yogi Priyavrat Animesh of Ooj Foundation, H.E. Humaid Mohamed Ali Ben Salem Al-Ali, and many more government officials.

This was followed by flash bhangra dances, felicitation, teams awards, music, and much more. And when all routined activities were done with, Paramountians showed the best way to socialize and celebrate for a workforce that works 100% remote.

Everyone danced, including our founder (Pramod Sajja); there were drinks and a lot of fun spirit. And by the time everyone was done with the lovely buffet dinner, it was way past midnight.

Everyone danced, including our founder (Pramod Sajja); there were drinks and a lot of fun spirit. And by the time everyone was done with the lovely buffet dinner, it was way past midnight.

Though it was before the dawn of April 16th, we still had one unfinished business, an advanced one at that. Pramod’s birthday is on April 24th, but we celebrated an after-party with a cake. And it’s been almost a fortnight since the event, we are still hungover.

Thank you Pramod for making such an amazing arrangement for us. Thank you for being the best boss most of us have worked with. Thank you for being such a passionate advocate of innovation and sustainability. Thank you for everything you have done for the less fortunate to help them lead a more meaningful life. And lastly, thank you for striving hard to make this world a better place!

Cheers to Paramount’s 25-year journey of excellence and Farm To Plate’s biggest step forward to creating a sustainable food supply chain ecosystem with its V1.0 launch.

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25 Years of Paramount – A Gala Celebration, the Paramount Way

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