Focused Innovation

 Innovating for a better future for society and business

Innovation streamlined to serve communities, society & the environment

Our innovation mission enables us to clearly identify ideas and projects through which we can empower the world to make big advancements towards a better future.

Farm to Plate

What’s the innovation?

Farm to Plate allows food consumers to directly tip producers with credits or cash over the blockchain.

How does it serve?

By addressing the problem of financial sustenance for farmers, FTP creates an ecosystem that discourages overuse of environmental resources.

Happy man working at a grocery store doing the inventory - small business concepts
Innovation focus - Farm to Plate 2

Energy Blockchain Consortium

What’s the innovation?

Carbon credit tracking for organizations and individual micro-energy trading capabilities with the EBC Carbon Credits solution

How does it serve?

Micro energy trading helps offset the high capital costs of renewable energy and reduces the use of fossil fuels for power generation, also driving power costs down.

Innovation focus - Energy Blockchain Consortium 1
Innovation focus - Energy Blockchain Consortium 2


What’s the innovation?

Incidyne uses AI-based decision making techniques aided by automated IoT driven data sourcing, and blockchain data management

How does it serve?

InciDyne ensures dynamic decisions and real-time visibility in extremely time-bound situations that emerge during disasters, cutting disaster-linked losses.

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