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Grass-Fed Revolution: Unlocking Flavor, Ethics, & Planet in Every Bite

The grass-fed beef revolution is here, and it’s redefining everything you thought you knew about beef. In this episode, Amanda Severson, Business Owner of Grand View Beef ( dissects the nuances of this game-changing approach to cattle farming. Unleash the flavor potential: Dive into the nutritional secrets and distinctive taste profiles that set grass-fed beef apart. Elevate your meals and your palate with every bite. Witness the journey from pasture to plate laid bare. Discover the ethical considerations and unwavering commitment to transparency driving this revolution. Gain the insights you need to make informed, responsible choices about the beef you purchase. Learn how your everyday decisions can positively impact your health and the planet. Take away actionable knowledge and a newfound appreciation for the power of conscious consumerism.For more than a century, the Severson family has cultivated the rolling hills in Wright County, Iowa, making Grand View Farm and Ranch a home deeply rooted in agricultural heritage. Since 1996, they’ve raised Horned Herefords in a natural, low-stress environment. In 2017, Knute and Amanda, the dynamic duo, returned to the farm with a vision—bringing 100% grass-fed beef directly to your table.

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Grass-Fed Revolution: Unlocking Flavor, Ethics, & Planet in Every Bite

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