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What is data center monitoring and why should you consider hiring a data center monitoring company?

Companies of all sizes need a place to store their most sensitive data. This challenge can be solved by data centers.

Network storage options are critical IT infrastructures that are basically the backend of every major information technology operation. These centers consist of large pieces of hardware – servers, cables and storage applications – housed in massive rooms, much like old computers were decades ago. Without centers, computers simply would cease to operate and most companies would come to a standstill.

Data centers are critical IT infrastructures that are the backend of every major IT operation

What is the role of data storage centers?

As computer technology and hardware have developed and physically shrunk over the years, the vital role of data centers in collecting, storing and distributing processed data, and data networking and recovery has stayed the same. What has changed is the need for more robust IT security features as the threat of malware and viruses have also increased and grown more complex.

What makes data center monitoring so important?

IT security budgets are not drastically increasing in many parts of the world, according to both an IISP survey of 2,500 IT security professionals and a survey conducted by Spiceworks. Both concluded that IT budgets were going to slowly increase in the coming years, with Spiceworks going as far to say they’d only expand by 1 percent in 2016.

This budget dilemma puts increased pressure on companies to keep their information up and safe 24/7 without the benefits of a full team of IT experts.

“In times of financial pressure or instability, security is often seen as a supporting function or an overhead,” said Piers Wilson, IISP director, according to Warwick Ashford, security editor of

Spicework’s survey revealed that nearly 60 and 48 percent of respondents respectively feel their organizations don’t spend enough on IT security and therefore don’t feel their companies are well protected.

Unfortunately the security issue isn’t improving. Nearly a quarter of all companies are dedicating their budgets to hardware or software purchases, according to Spiceworks. Only 13 percent will spend on managed services such as IT, connectivity/bandwidth and archiving, recovery, storage and online backup. We’re guessing IT security is stuffed somewhere in there.

To solve their security woes, companies can and should turn to third party data monitoring services, which can do the same job (and more) of an entire team of employees at a fraction of the cost.

Is data monitoring completed on or off-premise?

Data center monitoring can be completed on or off-premise. Companies can either build their own IT team or outsource the work to a third-party company. While the strategy is company-dependent, more companies are finding they need increased storage to support their growing clientele, and in turn need better security at low costs. It’s tough to find a solution that balances all of these requirements even as IT security threats continue to grow.

Should a company hire a third-party monitoring company?

Experienced data center monitoring companies offer a number of benefits – emphasis on the word “experienced.” These companies monitor everything from computers and servers to power supply and uptime as well as general network operations and performance, to name a few.

These third-party partners have one main goal: To provide their clients with the most complete transparent look at their IT operations no matter the time of day or night. That’s right, even when you and your employees are sleeping, these monitoring companies are doing just that – supervising your entire system for weaknesses or possible problem areas. And if one or more do pop up, they’ll get to work fixing it.

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What is data center monitoring and why should you consider hiring a data center monitoring company?

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