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Why an effective CMS is integral to business success

Organizations consistently look for better ways to reach potential customers and provide employees with the tools necessary to establish quality relationships with clients. In today’s hyper connected environment, this effort means having a web presence and being able to access the right information instantly. Having the right content management system can yield many benefits of streamlining business processes and governing valuable information. Let’s take a closer look at why a CMS can be so integral to business success:

“Drupal has a wide community of more than 1 million members that provides continuous support.”

It saves time

Employees must be able to use their time wisely in order to meet efficiency goals and take advantage of revenue opportunities. However, according to research data compiled by Paper-Mess to Paper-Less, professionals spend 50 percent of their time trying to find information necessary to do their jobs. It takes an average of 18 minutes to locate each document because companies typically misfile up to 20 percent of their records. This time needed to find the right files can severely impact a business. Up to $14,000 worth of productivity is lost per worker per year when they can’t find the data necessary to do their job. A quality CMS system like Drupal provides a searchable repository, making it easy to track where documents are located. It significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity associated with document storage, accessibility and collaboration.

Documents will be secure

Cybersecurity is a major point of contention for businesses, particularly when storing sensitive information within online platforms. In 2016, more than 4.2 billion records were exposed across the 4,149 confirmed breaches that year, NBC News reported. To make matters worse, businesses have become the prime targets for attacks due to the lucrative nature of the data that they handle.

“In the past, a lot of the breaches were opportunistic,” Online Trust Alliance executive director Craig Spiezle told NBC News. “Now we’re seeing much more precision. They’re targeting specific companies and industry sectors and not just for consumer data, but for business data, data regarding acquisition and mergers, data that may also harm a company’s reputation.”

Drupal offers three layers of security to meet the standards of protecting sensitive data. It’s considered the most dependable CMS available for securing information and has even been used by state and federal government entities. Businesses cannot afford to wait for the consequences of downtime or data loss, making an effective CMS an essential asset.

Online functionality is supported

Organizations must have a solid online presence to reach a wider audience and enable content consumption for mobile users. Facilitating a seamless customer journey is driving the evolution of CMS capabilities, and with an open source solution like Drupal, businesses can experiment with different techniques. Drupal comes with thousands of free modules that cover current and future functionalities. The templates are user-friendly and SEO enabled, aligning with online efforts. Drupal also has a wide community of more than 1 million members that provides continuous support, ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and enabling businesses to get the most out of their Drupal CMS. With Drupal, organizations will have a strong ecosystem on their side with experts from all over the world to ensure their CMS meets their needs. A CMS can significantly impact business success. Without strong support, security or time-saving capabilities, the CMS won’t be as valuable. Drupal offers all of this functionality and more, making it a considerable asset. For more information on how Drupal can facilitate your success and how to set it up to your needs, contact Paramount Software Solutions today.

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Why an effective CMS is integral to business success

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