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Keep your Enterprise Secure in 2020: What you need to do!

$3.92 Million – that is the average cost an enterprise pays for a security breach today. What’s worse, these breaches are not easy to detect either – it takes security teams 279 days on an average for identification and containment of a breach!

Preparing aggressively for cyberattacks, means you have to be aware of what direction cybersecurity will swing towards. To help you get started, we’ve put together the top trends in cybersecurity in 2020 and how you can stay current with it.

The rise in insider threats

With several enterprise applications now running on the cloud (Office 365, SAP, Salesforce to name a few), access to enterprise data is now much easier – and is based in the cloud, independent of location as well. It is difficult to resolve insider threats with cloud networks because the networks that these apps operate on are outside the corporate network.

We use a lot of these applications. How do we mitigate these insider threats?

Make sure your security software is capable of tracking user interactions both inside and outside your corporate network. Several security applications now support tracking of user data with APIs and other mechanisms on cloud-based applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce. Add or migrate to software that supports these capabilities.

Strategic Vendor Alliances

As the number of threats increases, vendors are putting together their threat databases for common access and sharing intelligence. Competitors are coming together (such as the Cyber Threat Alliance ) to add capabilities to each other that are difficult for them to develop individually. Cyber alliances are being formed.

One-third of all businesses are using outdated tools to address threats. It isn’t enough, though, to just throw money at the problem. Some of the firms with the highest cybersecurity budgets are among the least protected!

That’s exciting news! How can we take advantage?

Consider investing in solutions that are being integrated, as going forward, the performance of these should be better due to greater threat intelligence and a more complete feature set.

ML/AI in cybersecurity

Security vendors are increasingly adding ML/AI based analytics capabilities, as per CIODive . This will make security analysts’ jobs easier by eliminating false positives, as these solutions use behavior analytics to reduce the number of alerts that need to be analyzed.

How can we make sure we benefit from this shift?

By shifting from policy-based security tools and investing in ML/AI enhanced solutions. The benefits that can be provided in terms of time saved for security analysts as well as the greater number of actual threats that are caught and remediated are significant .

The rise of ransomware

New ransomware is emerging faster than security vendors can keep up. Better ransomware encryption is making it difficult to rescue files. As ransomware uses more sophisticated encryption levels for holding data hostage, it is becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises to be able to crack through safely and access their data without paying out ransom.

How do we make sure we are well protected?

The most viable option is to make use of software whitelisting controls to exercise deep control over the programs running on user computers. Investing in better endpoint security will also help reduce the amount of ransomware entering the system.

Mobile phishing

Mobile will now be a primary phishing vector (according to Lookout ) in 2020. On a smartphone, multiple vectors are available (email, social networking, SMS/MMS) that will be targeted by attackers. The types of phishing campaigns are also evolving to better suit mobile formats.

Our enterprise usage of smartphones and mobile phones is high. How do we protect ourselves?

By implementing mobile security measures and controls and restricting usage of social media and personal email when mobile devices are connected to the network. Especially if you are using suites such as Office 365 or Google Apps, make sure you invest in robust MDM tools and a mobile VPN solution for security.

Don’t get left behind

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field, and what was current a month ago may be outdated today. One-third of all businesses are using outdated tools to address threats. It isn’t enough, though, to just throw money at the problem. Some of the firms with the highest cybersecurity budgets are among the least protected ! Don’t let your enterprise be one of those – Reach out to us to find out what you can do to address these trends, plan your cybersecurity efficiently and make sure your enterprise is secure.


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Keep your Enterprise Secure in 2020: What you need to do!

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