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FAQs on Hiring / Onboarding – During COVID-19 Pandemic

Our recruiters and account managers have put together a list of frequently asked questions for candidates who are interested or are currently pursuing any open positions. If you have any specific questions other than these please feel free to reach out to your assigned recruiter or account manager or email us at [email protected]

Can I request a virtual interview instead of in-person? How can we prepare for a virtual interview?

To protect your health and the health and safety of our colleagues, we will be looking to shift most in-person interviews to virtual interviews where possible. If you are scheduled for an in-person interview and do not feel comfortable attending, you should notify your recruiter immediately. Most of our recruiters and hiring managers have access to virtual meeting services and company phones to conduct interviews. At a minimum, candidates will need a phone to participate in interviews.

If you feel sick, have a fever, or have been in close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, do not attend your in-person interview. Instead, follow the guidance outlined by the CDC, your regional and local officials first. Second, contact your recruiter to reschedule a virtual interview or postpone until you are well.

For any other questions, reach out to us or your recruiter/account manager to get answers to any other questions. We are here to help you navigate the whole new processes and protocols associated with hiring and onboarding.

How will drug tests etc be handled?

For drug testing, after receiving the link or paperwork we encourage you to call ahead and check with the facility before completing your drug test. You may ask the facility about the precautions they’re taking to keep their facility clean too. For any specific questions or concerns you may have about the drug screening test, please reach out to your assigned Recruiter or Account Manager.

How can we prepare for a virtual interview?

Most organizations that are hiring are doing it virtually, and hiring decisions are being made entirely on the basis of video interviews. If you were scheduled for a face to face interview and are unable to attend first contact your recruiter and let them know that you will not be able to attend in-person interviews beforehand. The recruiter will then talk to the client and make arrangements for a Zoom/Skype interview on a scheduled date and time.
Pay attention to these –

Check out the Best Practices of Video Interviewing – How to do it right!

What if I feel sick on the day of my in-person interview?

If you feel sick, have a fever, or have been in close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, do not attend your in-person interview. Instead, follow the guidance outlined by the CDC, your regional and local officials first. Second, contact your recruiter to reschedule a virtual interview or postpone until you are well.

Will I have a virtual On-boarding or have to go for an in-person onboarding?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic ,Paramount Software Solutions is onboarding new employees virtually. To welcome new hires our HR department will set up a video conference call and introduce the team. In a remote environment,our HR team works hand in hand to provide a seamless experience for onboarding.

How can candidates be prepared for remote/virtual working? What kind of arrangements do I need to make?

Father Working from home on laptop during quarantine Little child girl make noise and distracts father from work on the kitchen office

We ensure that after a seamless onboarding the new employee is provided with the equipment they need to do their job with help from the client that they will start their project with. They will be updated with the remote work policy during their onboarding process. However, some of the best practices that we recommend are –

-Prepare to be in a work mode despite not being in a workplace. This means developing a routine that includes the preparation stuff you would do, sans commute, can help you feel ready and raring to go. If you have kids or pets at home, help them set a routine that would not interfere with your work, and also would help them do productive activities. Pets could be taken for a long walk or engage in playtime before you start working so they remain calm for the next couple of hours. Kids could go for a walk with you before you start working and then do some productive activities to keep them engaged. Set a lunch break for the whole family.

-Set up your workplace. Consider a location that helps you to focus and keeps you away from getting distracted. Kitchen or eating areas are busy areas – try staying away from those areas. Ensure your wifi is working, tools that help you work (chargers, phones, copy machines, etc is within your reach) is closeby and have water and healthy snacks available.

-Plan your work. Not planning your day and instead, figuring out what you’ll do can take you away from completing your job. Set agendas of meetings wisely, and have a proper plan on what you want to get accomplished each day.

-Take 5-10 minutes Brain Breaks every few hours – Utilize this time to catch up with your pet/s or kids or friends/ partner or go out to breathe some fresh air.

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FAQs on Hiring / Onboarding – During COVID-19 Pandemic

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