Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Every business depends on an efficient IT infrastructure to maximize productivity, be competitive and minimize costs. With enterprises seeking optimum value-benefits, remote infrastructure management services (RIMS) have gained huge popularity. 

Paramount’s adept Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) delivers business value that reduces both capital and operational expenditure, improving productivity and end user satisfaction.

The 4 Components of An Effective Patch Management Strategy

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Value-benefits from Paramount: 

  • Flexible IT consumption model to scale up / down services to suit business dynamics
  • Service level or SLA-based service delivery
  • Real-time management dashboards
  • Creation and governance of IT policies and regulations
  • IT compliance and management
  • Capacity-analysis and planning documentation
  • IT asset-performance trends
  • IT audit and assets management

Infrastructure Monitoring 

The key to effective management of information technology begins with proactive infrastructure monitoring which helps in measuring and assessing the performance of your IT systems. With our customized alerting and reporting solutions, we ensure that you are able to keep on top of every IT-related situation. Paramount Infrastructure Monitoring encompasses Server & VM, Web, URL, DB, Network, Firewall. 

Our monitoring services are conducted at two levels: 

Level 1 Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of IT devices
  • Service desk platform
  • Automatic alert generation / forwarding
  • Alert management and analysis

Advanced Monitoring

  • Improvised thresholds based on analysis
  • Reduced tickets / issues
  • Ticket status

Value Benefits from Paramount

We employ our industry expertise and experience to provide 24/7 proactive infrastructure services to monitor and manage your entire IT lifecycle. We undertake client specific management of change, problems, incidents, vendors, SLA, and service uptime. Our services also include ticketing process and documentation, listing, tagging and tracking of assets.

IT Environments

  • Physical Servers and virtual Machines
  • Web Managment 
  • Database Managment 
  • Network Managment 
  • Firewall Managment
  • Storage Managment
  • Desktop Managment
  • Public Cloud Services
  • Application Management
  • Backup and Replication

Server / VM & Web Server Management

Enterprises need to function economically and securely to gain optimal use of their system resources. Paramount's Remote Infrastructure Management services support implementation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading, patching and more for web servers, and include - 
  • Server monitoring and management
  • Configuration management
  • OS hardening
  • VM creation and management
  • Patch update
  • RCA
  • Security management
  • Performance management
  • Load-balancing

Network Management

Networks are the backbone of all IT. The easy and uninterrupted availability of networks is crucial for different devices, platforms and services to stay connected. Paramount's Network Management services focus on making networks secure and available, and ensure that all administering and managing of the organization's networks is effectively implemented, including -

  • Setting network
  • Port configuration
  • Routing protocol
  • Creating and accessing user profiles
  • Performance management
  • Bandwidth utilisation and performance
  • QoS
  • Security configuration

Firewall Management

Firewalls are a first layer of defence and allow you to block threats before they can enter and affect your network. By monitoring and configuring your firewalls, Paramount Firewall Management experts can eliminate most threats very quickly and improve the performance of your security.

Firewall Configuration

Device Performance

Security Configuration

Patch Updates

Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud services are a key element in IT strategy today and enterprises are keen to adopt a cloud-inclusive plan. Paramount' 360o degree services for Public Cloud are high-value support and our technology skills include:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Amazon Web Services



  • Creating VM on cloud
  • Cloud resource management
  • Configuration and re-configuration of VM environments
  • Optimizing uptime of cloud
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Scaling up / down
  • Application performance monitoring and management

Application Management

Application management is the process of managing the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle. Managing applications can be challenging in complex and dynamic environments. Paramount collaborative approach helps to access the client's application portfolio, and define and implement customized solutions.

Installation and configuration

Managing user-accounts and groups

Log management


Back up / Replication and DR Site Management

Businesses are seeing a tremendous growth in data which is the lifeline of any enterprise. This makes secure and reliable solutions for data protection highly critical. With data retention being mandatory for compliance purposes, more and more organizations are adopting IaaS, which creates and stores data in virtual environments.

Paramount Back-up and DR Management services enable backup and recovery within a virtual environment as well as replicate it for business continuity and disaster recovery. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and verifies backups, troubleshoots and ensures

  • Configuring backup tools
  • Defining policies and timelines
  • Governance of backup policies
  • Storage of data
  • Patch management for tools

Vendor and Third-party Supplier Management

IT infrastructure operation depends on multiple external vendors. The complexity involved in running it and achieving the best results is daunting. Engaging multiple vendors also introduces unnecessary risks unless a comprehensive vendor management process is engaged. At Paramount, we engage a team of experienced professionals to manage vendor relationships and assist our customers in hiring appropriate vendors for their specific needs, and manage them effectively.