Reference Architecture Solutions

Reference Architecture Solutions

Paramount assembled innovative and analyst recognized technologies that challenge the status quo to provide measurable benefits of reduced IT spend, higher availability, and more compliant operations.

By following the principles and industry best practices of referenced architecture, Paramount has crafted solutions that address specific problems with economically justified returns and meaningful performance improvements. 

Direct Business Outcomes

  • Optimized server and datacenter consolidation 
  • Comprehensive problem triage with quick resolution
  • Higher availability
  • Improved RTO/RPO performance 
  • Transitioning legacy IT spend investments in innovative technologies

Our Reference Architecture Solution Stack (RASS) provides preconfigured solutions that solve a well-defined set of specific issues using readily available technology under a single umbrella of support. 

A Reference Architecture strategy serves as a foundation for architectures and solutions and may also be used for comparison and alignment purposes. The immediate benefits of RASS are lower cost, increased flexibility (no vendor lock-in), more freedom, interoperability and longevity or a long-life cycle of continued solution use. RASS provides our customers with the framework to protect their data from creation to deletion.

The “30%-70%” rule of thumb for IT budgets is that 70% of your IT spend goes toward maintaining legacy systems and only 30% is investment is innovations or provisioning for the future.

One of the defining principles of RASS is that these technologies allow IT budgets to regain a balance and shift more of the IT spend to new innovations that reduce costs, disruptions and data leakage. 

Paramount’s RASS Solution Catalogue

  • WAN and Data Acceleration
  • Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform  
  • Deep Storage Solutions
  • IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)
  • Visibility into physical and virtual network traffic
  • SQL Workload Containerization
  • Universal Data Plane - Software-Defined Hyper-Scale Storage 

WAN and Data Acceleration

Solve the universal problem of data movement over distance for backup replication, disaster recovery, migration or indeed any vital data movement application in a hybrid world. The constraint is no longer the size of the pipe, after all, 1Gb, 10Gb, and multiple 10Gb pipes are becoming the norm. What is needed is a completely different way of thinking; smarter, intelligent and self-aware software capable of learning, monitoring and managing the movement of large amounts of data over a distance without human intervention. 

BENEFIT: Mitigate latency, minimize the effects of packet loss and accelerates data transfer over any distance. Meaning your data will get to where it needs to be quicker, and with less risk to business.

DEPARTMENT OR ACTIVITY EFFECTED: Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Resumption Planning (BRP), Network or Storage Administrators. 

  • Moving and accelerating previously encrypted, deduped, or compressed data
  • Accelerating all data with no pass through and out of your circle of disruption
  • Massively scalable to run multiple 10Gb pipes moving 4.4GBs of data a second

Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

No matter where it exists: On-Premises, Hosted or Cloud. Remove the difficulty of managing complex, distributed IT services through a single, unified monitoring platform. Monitor IT service performance and availability from data center to cloud and across multiple clouds.  Supported Technologies: Cloud, Network, Storage, Compute, Hybrid IT, Applications, Unified Communication

BENEFIT: One platform to monitor everything: Network, Storage, Compute, Applications and IoT. 

DEPARTMENT OR ACTIVITY EFFECTED: IT Architects, Storage and Network Admins, Operation Managers, CIO/CTO


  • One operational platform, built from the ground up to include discovery, relationship mapping, monitoring, event management, runbook automation, asset management, and ticketing for any technology, located anywhere
  • One consistent and intuitive UI, one data store, one operational platform—no agents to deploy, no additional modules to integrate, no version dependencies
  • Flexible deployment to meet every need include on-premises, SaaS, hosted, and hybrid models
  • Open, extensible, and interoperable platform fits any business need today or tomorrow letting lets you monitor every element of your enterprise
  • Broad and deep support for multiple technology stacks and vendors, including the latest technologies including: hyper-converged, SDN, and Cisco ACI. Out-of-the-box integrations available for popular third party products in areas such as service desk, APM, NPM, and more with Out-of-the-box support for over 1,500 technology-specific applications
  • Start monitoring immediately with best practice monitoring policies, dashboards, and reports 

Deep Storage Solutions

Digital Preservation: Designing in redundancy through a standard workflow that includes a mix of media and offsite storage taking full advantage and lowing IT spend for your tiered storage strategy.

DEPARTMENT OR ACTIVITY EFFECTED: Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Resumption Planning (BRP), Network or Storage Administrators.

BENEFIT: Reduce IT spend and Solve the problem of long term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth.

  • Massive Amounts of Data: Using cloud protocols to simplify application development, access to, and management of massive amounts of data both near and long-term
  • Hybrid Cloud: Deploying hybrid cloud efficiently
  • Genetic Diversity: Using the right mix of media to make smart tradeoffs between speed of access and overall cost of storage

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

See what's happening in your IT and business in real-time. No more waiting for reports before you can make decisions. Correlate IT and business data from every corner of your network, so you know what's happening, where, and why, in real time. Proactive Monitoring and Remediation, Optimization and Continuous Improvement, Pervasive Security Monitoring and Compliance, Business and Operations Analytics, IBM CICS Transaction Gateway Solution Bundle, Troubleshooting and tuning SharePoint deployments, Analyzes the HTTP traffic of the Citrix web front end servers, Web Optimization, ServiceNow Monitoring Bundle, Device Discovery, and Cloud Monitoring

BENEFIT: Automatically discover and classify all applications, hosts, clients, and infrastructure elements communicating on your network.  

DEPARTMENT OR ACTIVITY EFFECTED: IT Architects, Performance Managers, Storage and Network Admins, Operation Managers, CIO/CTO

For Security: 

  • Continuously auto-discover all systems and users active in your environment 
  • Proactively assess your security posture by assessing encryption strength, certificate expiration, and verify that communications are only between authorized systems.

For Triage and Troubleshooting:

  • Notice performance issues before users do, with real-time end user monitoring
  • Continuously auto-discover all systems and users active in your environment

For Application Performance - Complete Application Visibility:

  • Auto-discover and classify all systems and map dependencies for the application
  • Trace issues across all dependent systems to isolate issues
  • Establish baselines and thresholds for performance to enable intelligent DevOps
  • Measure application performance to the web page, user, and platform

Visibility into Physical and Virtual Network Traffic

Deliver advanced intelligence so that security, network and application performance management tools and solutions operate more efficiently and effectively.

DEPARTMENT OR ACTIVITY EFFECTED: SQL DBAs, IT Architects, Performance Managers

BENEFIT: Simplify IT operations with centralized tools for informed decisions based on real-time visibility 

  • Centralize tools to a single management location and eliminate contention among tools  
  • Optimize the performance of tools for greater ROI to reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Avoid oversubscription with filtering and load balancing  
  • Maintain visibility as workloads migrate to the cloud  
  • Extend traffic visibility into converged infrastructure  
  • Gain visibility into overlay and encapsulated networks

SQL Workload Containerization

Delivering advanced, instance-level automated High Availability and Server Consolidation for advanced fault protection and near-zero downtime with complete enterprise workload and data tier portability from any host, to any host, anywhere. This logical container technology decouples Windows Server applications, instances and file shares from the underlying OS and IT infrastructure. Infrastructure-agnostic software means no more ecosystem lock and vastly reduced complexity. Go from standalone to clustered in minutes, with just a 6-click install. And this software typically pays for itself at deployment.

BENEFIT: Rationalize and Optimize SQL Licensing by containerizing SQL Server Workloads

DEPARTMENT OR ACTIVITY EFFECTED: SQL DBAs, IT Architects, Disaster Recovery (DR), Performance Managers, Compliance

  • Immediate 25% to 60% SQL Server license reduction 
  • Reduce OS count by 8 to 15X for radical Server Consolidation
  • Nearest to Zero application downtime (planned or unplanned)
  • Rationalize SQL Server Standard over Enterprise Edition
  • Simplify lifecycle management time at a lower cost
  • Unprecedented SLA assurance with application-based QoS
  • Microsoft Certified with full license compliance.

Universal Data Plane - Software-Defined Hyper-Scale Storage 

Simplify your infrastructure with a unified solution for block, file, and object storage with full programmability and support for any OS, hypervisor, or container. Customize your storage with a full range of enterprise storage services, fully selectable per-volume for a perfect fit with your applications. Protect applications with a unique disaster recovery policy and deliver seamless high availability with a storage cluster that spans multiple data centers or clouds.

BENEFIT: Provide a single unified solution to tailor a modern, high-performance, elastic storage system built with low-cost commodity hardware to support any application, hypervisor, container, or cloud. 

DEPARTMENT OR ACTIVITY EFFECTED: IT Architects, Storage and Network Admins, Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Resumption Planning (BRP)

  • Storage Proxy: Lightweight access software that presents block and file storage to hosts and accelerates read performance with client-side caching.
  • Storage Service: A powerful, patented distributed systems engine that transforms commodity server nodes into an elastic, flexible enterprise-class storage system.
  • APIs: A set of REST APIs that provide programmable access to every feature of the Distributed Storage Platform to integrate with custom applications and service catalogs.