Data & Infrastructure Management

Reference Architecture Solutions

Paramount assembled innovative and analyst recognized technologies that challenge the status quo to provide measurable benefits of reduced IT spend, higher availability, and more compliant operations. By following the principles and industry best practices of referenced architecture, Paramount has crafted solutions that address specific problems with economically justified returns and meaningful performance improvements.

Paramount’s RASS Solution Catalogue

  • WAN and Data Acceleration
  • Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform  
  • Deep Storage Solutions
  • IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)
  • Visibility into physical and virtual network traffic,
  • SQL Workload Containerization
  • Universal Data Plane - Software-Defined Hyper-Scale Storage 

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Data & Storage Management 

A complete storage management practice for medium and small business and organizations.

Our skilled professionals will simplify storage management and reduce clients IT spend by allowing their staff to concentrate on the core business while Paramount team will deliver deep storage solutions expertise to help run their business at top efficiency. The essential functions Paramount will provide will include storage administration and management, storage provisioning, capacity planning and basic problem management.

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Cloud Solutions

Paramount offers Hybrid Cloud Resources through world-class solutions from global providers, enabling you to receive agile and cost-effective support for your data storage needs.

This provides the advantage of having a private infrastructure without the insecurity of having to go through the public internet. You benefit by significantly saving time and reducing the latency of public cloud services. Now have the flexibility of operating within your own infrastructure with the added advantage of controlling access of both private and public users. Our partnerships with leading cloud solutions providers also give the opportunity to provide compatible solutions and products in platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Softlayer.

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Remote Infrastructure Management

Paramount understands how critical it is for you to be able to access your performance details in real time.

With a dedicated, specialized team of experts to support your needs, Paramount's monitoring services are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping you quickly identify and correct problems as they occur. Whether your issues are technical or security-related, we're there to help you resolve them.

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Disaster Recovery & Management

Empowering you with Paramount's Technology Alliance Advantage to support your Business Continuity

Proactive Monitoring and Remediation, Optimization and Continuous Improvement, Pervasive Security Monitoring and Compliance, Business and Operations Analytics, IBM CICS Transaction Gateway Solution Bundle, Troubleshooting and tuning SharePoint deployments, Analyzes the HTTP traffic of the Citrix web front end servers, Web Optimization Compression, ServiceNow Monitoring Bundle, Device Discovery, Cloud Monitoring.

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