Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is key in today’s era of remarkable innovations in areas of Big Data and open- source technology – not only empowering IT departments, and empowering organizations around the globe.

However, unstructured data form the fastest growing and voluminous content can become a pain point for businesses. Cloud Storage options have its pros and cons and depending on their specific needs, organizations need to do a thorough analysis of cloud and on-prem options. Paramount is geared to provide analyze your needs and structure, and provide best fit cloud capabilities for a smooth and cost effective running of your IT operations by using the best technologies in cloud solutions. 

We ensure your data is protected, compliant, provides service continuity and migration ready.

  • Enterprise Capabilities
  • Backup & Archive
  • Storage with Data Control
  • Storage Managment 
  • Data Sync

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Enterprise Capabilities

  • Our cloud capabilities for enterprises offer multiple advantages in areas of Enterprise Applications, DevOps, and Database Management to ensure it is simplified, serving as a single interface to manage all your storage environments. We extend the feasibility and flexibility to pay for only what you need and when you need without tying you down.

Backup & Archive

  • Paramount offers cloud backup solutions that enhances recovery speed, and reduces risk, while securely backing up data to any cloud which is more cost effective than in-premises solutions. These solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and are available on open platforms.

Storage Management

  • Has unstructured data been your concern? The ability to manage the data while ensuring that there is optimized durability, protection, performance, while aligning the costs, is a huge challenge for most enterprises – small, medium or large. Paramount’s solutions ensure your data is managed well without disruptions, or furthering your costs, giving you the freedom to take the best decisions for your business. 


Storage with Data Control 

  • If you are looking for a solution that gives you the freedom to connect to multiple industry leading clouds but at the same time be able to control your data, with no increased cost, Paramount will have the right solution that not only provides you with high- performing results, but also provide secured and protected data. With global delivery partners, Paramount is equipped to provide you the single point solution and service, to ensure you have an easy- set up and provide the flexibility of scaling from small, as per your business growth.

Data Sync

  • Paramount’s solutions ensure that data synchronization do not become a headache for stakeholders – instead ensures seamless and secure syncing between different storage platforms. With our data syncing solutions, we guarantee to deliver you secured data, faster data access of large workloads, cost effective and simple resources that are world- class, and reliable monitoring and reports