Senior Programmer Analyst

Paramount Software Solutions, Inc.
Senior Programmer Analyst
Job Site: 
Alpharetta, GA and various unanticipated locations
Work Hours: 
40 hours/week, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • ​Work with client team to establish software development/business architecture processes, and execute enterprise software development, implementation, integration, and customization projects.
  • Work closely with client's business experts to understand and analyze functional requirements and to design and develop functional and technical design documents.
  • Interpret and write technical publications/diagrams and project specifications using Microsoft Office. Design and develop high level architecture documents and process documents using VIZIO to help translate the functional design into technical configurations.
  • Deploy and run the processes for environments, software configurations and data migration between environments, business processes and testing strategies.
  • Implement and administer a suite of ERP applications adhering to the landscape, technical design specifications using the applications like SAP, OpenText databases like Oracle, SQL, HANA, SYBASE and Operating systems like UNIX, WINDOWS.
  • Design and configure content management processes using applications to integrate with different ERP modules to facilitate the archiving, storage and retrieval of the content.
  • Develop and execute complex data transformation routines and validation checks to load the data from legacy systems to ERP using Data Services.
  • Generate scripts to migrate, load and link content from legacy storage to the new ERP storage environments.
  • Configure and customize business objects to perform data archiving to maintain a lean database size resulting in high performance of the applications.
  • Generate reports using Data Volume Management tools.
  • Configure the business objects in leading application to manage the externally stored content and retain access to the content throughout the lifecycle of the business process.
  • Install prerequisite software products on different environments and define data management, configuration management, change management processes and automated testing strategies.
  • Test, resolve and document the issues in the development and quality environments and ensure the software is working while producing a desired outcome for the business process.
  • Deploy the application out of the test phase to be released into UAT and Production environments.
  • Work with the Business experts to validate actual test results and to ensure the requirements are met.
  • Communicate with managers and business partners on business systems and project status. Maintain technical and functional awareness to build competence.
  • Work on improvement and innovation initiatives.
  • Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field of study, and five (5) years of experience in a related occupation.
  • Work experience must have included: any experience with SAP, OpenText, Oracle, SQL, HANA, Sybase, Unix, WINDOWS, Data Volume Management, Microsoft Office, and VIZIO.

To apply, please send C.V. & cover letter to P. Sajja, 4030 Old Milton Parkway, Suite 200, Alpharetta, GA 30005.