Improve your storage capabilities with Paramount’s All-Flash Storage

Friday, November 4, 2016

Are your data storage and monitoring costs soaring? Do you want to reduce your IT infrastructure (on-premise solutions and IT personnel), but you're reluctant to give up all of the benefits these facets provide?

We understand. You need the right solution, but it has to be one that offers exceptional data storage and flexibility while also reducing operational costs.

It may seem like a lot, but it really isn't – at least not for Paramount, which has partnered with NetApp to offer All-Flash Storage Solutions that provide greater storage dependability, efficiency and agility at lower costs than competing services.

"NetApp's all-flash FAS uses 11 times less rack space than other servers."

Are you sold yet? We hope so! But if not, let's dive in with a little more detail.

NetApp's All-Flash FAS uses 11 times less rack space than other servers, and can reduce your costs by nearly 70 percent. You also have the ability to expand to 24 nodes.

NetApp's EF series provides read-and-write capabilities while also improving data analytics performance by over 50 percent. Further, you'll lower your cooling and power costs, and help reduce your carbon footprint by 95 percent. 

Finally, if you want to increase application deployment and response time, you can do so with the FAS8000 and FAS2500 storage systems, which can boost your infrastructure facility up to 15 times faster than traditional infrastructure types.

Whether you're looking for hybrid storage, virtualization software or the ability to rework your infrastructure to improve capacity, performance or versatility, you can do so with the FAS Storage System.

When you're looking to outsource data storage, you must keep one eye turned toward performance (from both the servers and the third-party specialist) and the other toward cost-efficiency. However, you don't want to cut costs at the expense of performance and IT security, which can damage your bottom line.

Cybersecurity breaches can cost companies in the form of legal fees, lost customers and recovery procedures (purchasing new equipment or fixing old equipment at a high cost).

Poor storage and monitoring efficiency can also cost companies, but choosing the right third-party specialist can help reduce this kind of overhead. Data centers were once known to be high energy consumers (and they are to some point). But many data centers are now turning to more energy-efficient procedures, which not only cuts their expenditures but yours as well.

Moving your data onto off-premise solutions can help you save time – in the form of maintenance and upkeep – and reduce headaches – in the form of upgrades and IT security. But it's critical that you use the right storage systems. We suggest asking Paramount about their All-Flash Storage solutions in conjunction with NetApp.